Plantings - Trees, Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals

Planting trees and shrubs can not only be incredibly labor intensive, and but it also requires the knowledge of proper placement in regard to the other facets of your landscaping such as landscape bedspatiosretaining walls and more. Our landscape and tree experts are highly trained in selecting the ideal tree, shrub, perennial and annual flower varieties that suit your property the best based on existing soil conditions, sunlight, adjacent tree/shrub species, the flow of water through the proposed planting area, etc.

Adequate tree and shrub planting techniques and methodology are an important process to ensure your trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals are set up to succeed and further benefit your property and the environment. Often times, trees and shrubs are planted too deep and can cause long term growth issues with the tree.

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In addition to sprucing up the aesthetics of your property, shade trees can become functional pieces of your landscape.  In the summer, they can reduce your air conditioning needs by blocking the hot sun with the vast amounts of shade they provide. They also can double as a wind break in the winter by reducing 35 mph winds down to 10 mph (source – Arbor Day Foundation). Less wind hitting your doors and windows means less work for your furnace to keep your house warm.

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