Retaining Walls

Our hardscape professionals are experts at designing and constructing a retaining wall for your property. Whether it’s a boulder wall purely for function to retain a slope, or a freestanding seating wall surrounding a patio.

Expert Retaining Wall Builders in the North Metro

Few landscaping projects are more labor intensive than planning out and constructing a retaining wall. It takes knowledge and expertise of all materials used, the logistics of moving that material from the supplier to the work area, excavating, setting the base course and all the heavy lifting involved with stacking the wall block (or boulders) at an ideal slope proportion.

Sloped areas of your property can benefit from the functional aspect of a boulder or manufactured concrete block retaining wall. They provide spaces that ordinarily would be unusable due to a steep slope, but now can be transformed into flat areas for a patio or planting beds. They are also great tools for controlling run off and erosion.

Retaining walls constructed by our expert crews are generally used as functional pieces added to a residential or commercial landscape for retaining hillsides, we also construct seating walls as part of outdoor living projects. Save your back and dozens of hours of your time by hiring the retaining wall specialists at Best Outdoor Services to ensure your retaining or freestanding wall project is built right. To learn more about our pricing for block or boulder retaining walls, call us or request a quote today.

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