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Create a breathtaking space for gatherings with family, friends and neighbors. We design and build paver and natural stone patios for residents and businesses throughout the north metro.

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Paver and natural stone patios create breathtaking spaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of your property. Whether the use is focused towards enduring a large volume of traffic such as a restaurant patio, or a quiet, comfortable setting for friends and family to gather, we offer a wide variety of paver types and colors to fit any style and budget.

A well designed and built paver patio increases the square footage of your living space while simultaneously increasing the value of your property. Paver patios can be one of the best returns on investment for your home. Not only because you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come, but when you to go sell your property, new buyers will be chomping at the bit because they will be envisioning themselves enjoying their summers on the patio once they move in!

Our Paver Patio and Walkway Construction Process

Our tried-and-true process has been refined over the years to ensure your patio or walkway project in the Twin Cities is completed in a timely and efficient manner, while giving you a superior, near maintenance-free finished product.

1 – Site Measurements and Design – the first stage in any landscape project is meeting with a member of our expert landscape design team to take measurements and assess the proposed work area. Next, we take your ideas, desired colors, styles, patterns and create a design for your patio. At this time we also include other landscape aspects (if requested), such as landscaping around the patio with mulch or plantings, retaining walls, etc.

2 – Design Finalization – the patio design is finalized, contracts are signed and necessary deposits are paid. 

3 – Excavation and Base Prep – our hardscape team puts industry-leading paver installation practices to work on your property!  Beginning with excavation of the area where the patio or walkway will be built to a depth that is deep enough to permit adequate base material, sand and the pavers but still be at a proper elevation in regards to the surrounding area.

– Laying and Cutting Pavers – after proper compaction of the base and sand atop, we begin laying the pavers. This is often times one of the most impactful parts of a paver project because the transformation is happening right in front of your eyes! Once all pavers have been laid out to the specified dimensions, we cut pavers as needed to fit within your design. Snap edging is installed to help hold the paver structure together.

5 – Finishing Work and Final Walk-through – once all necessary cuts are complete. We sweep polymeric sand (hardens once it is activated with water and dries) into the spaces between the pavers, then lightly blow off the surface to remove existing polymeric sand. Then wetting down the patio with a light mist of water, allow it to dry completely and following up with one more application of water. We’ll then complete the finishing work such as landscaping around the patio, turf repairs, site clean up, etc. Upon completion our team walks you through your new patio, provides information on the waiting period before it can be used, and more. 

The final step – begin enjoying your new patio! With hundreds of thrilled clients, Best Outdoor Services is the north metro’s go-to paver patio and walkway builder. Call us or request a quote to schedule a consultation for your next project.


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Our talented design and installation teams have transformed hundreds of front and back yards with one mission in mind – to create the landscape of your dreams and ensure you are thrilled with the final product! If you are looking for inspiration for your landscaping project, we welcome you to peruse our portfolio of past projects.

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