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Get a yard that requires no maintenance and stays green all year long with help from Best Outdoor Services, installing artificial grass in Andover, MN and many surrounding areas on residential & commercial properties.

Residential & Commercial Artificial Turf Installers

Lawn maintenance requires a considerable amount of time spent on mowing and fertilizing during the growing season to keep it looking its best. Beyond the time investment, an additional factor is spending money on water. The typical household in America dedicates over two-thirds of their monthly water consumption on just the lawn. Since keeping your yard pristine throughout the seasons can be a never-ending battle, installing turf has become an increasingly popular way for homeowners and businesses to get an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space without having to worry about upkeep.

With professionally installed artificial turf from Best Outdoor Services, that problem is solved. You are able to bypass all the time and expenses that go into maintaining a traditional lawn, while enjoying green grass that is resilient to weather conditions and traffic from walking or playing sports.

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High-Quality Artificial Turf Installation

Whether you’re a homeowner that’s frustrated with keeping your lawn green throughout the growing season, want to create an area for your pets to play or something in-between, we have the right solution no matter your needs. We install SYNLawn, a bio-based artificial grass made in the USA from renewable and recycled materials.

SYNLawn’s EnviroLoc Back System features a multi-layer component that locks in durable turf fibers which extends the turf’s lifespan. It’s also engineered using BioCel technology, a plant based (soybean) polymer that replaces the need for petroleum-based polymers. Also added is Celceram, a recycled product of coal combustion which contributes to superior strength and dimension stability. Combined together, these bio-based technologies provide an environmentally responsible approach to artificial grass that converse’s Earth’s natural resources while looking great and providing function for decades to come.

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