De-Icing & Pre-Treating

Providing pre-storm and ice control after snow removal services to commercial clients throughout the north metro.

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Once the snow has been cleared, it is important to keep your property as safe as possible, which means applying sand and/or salt, or a de-icing agent to your driveway, parking areas and walkways. Due to the danger that icy surfaces pose, it is crucial to get rid of the ice. This will help avoid accidents that could potentially cost you dearly. 

Our crews are always ready to de-ice your property. For clients in need of a salt application or de-icing agent, we will send out our professionals to salt your walkways, porch, and driveway by hand or with a spreader as needed. Our de-icing services can be added in to your regular residential snow plowing service plan.

In addition to post-snow event treatments, we also offer pre-treating services. Our crews prepare parking lots, roads and sidewalks to help reduce the amount of snow or ice that can bond to the pavement.

Get in touch today to set up your snow and ice control services before old man winter begins to wreak havoc!

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