Snow Plowing & Removal

Throw away the shovels and allow us to manage the snow this winter!

Professional Snow Removal Services

One of the best ways to wake up on a brisk winter morning is to look outside, see the fresh snowfall that fell overnight, and know that you do not have to worry about digging out your driveway before you make your way to work! And the last thing thing you want to do after sitting in traffic on the way home from work is to spend an hour shoveling your driveway and sidewalk. Talk about backbreaking! Let us do the hard work while you relax inside by the fireplace. 

Communicating with our clients is of the utmost importance. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with you during snow events and follow-up snow removal services such as boulevard clean-ups after the city plows visit your neighborhood, re-freezes and more. 

During each snow plowing service you can count on our expert team using state of the art snow removal equipment to quickly and efficiently relocate the snow from your driveway and sidewalk to designated areas such as your turf or landscaping to allow for parking on your driveway and access to your home and garage.

We offer multiple snow removal service pricing packages tailored to fit your budget:

Get in touch with us today to set up your residential snow removal services before old man winter arrives! We also offer snow and ice removal services for commercial properties, learn more about our comprehensive commercial snow removal here.

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Commercial Snow Plowing & Ice Removal

Whether it snows a few inches, a couple of feet, or icy conditions are expected overnight, inconsistent service is never an option. Without fail, we keep your access roads, parking lots, patios and walkways cleared.

For Best Outdoor Services, our Twin Cities commercial snow removal philosophy is “must-do”. We do whatever it takes to keep companies open for business and properties safe and accessible for their residents, employees, and customers. Our well-organized and detail-oriented snow removal team includes a staff over over 25 employees and a large fleet of equipment to handle any size property no matter the snow depth. Let us raise your expectations and earn your business. We provide service to commercial properties of all sizes and types including office complexes, retail establishments, restaurants, banks, industrial facilities, medical buildings and more.

 To schedule commercial snow removal in the Twin Cities, call us or request a quote online today.

Snow Plowing and Sidewalk Snow Removal

When snow has reached the specified trigger depth, the appropriate allocation of equipment and personnel will be arranged and prepared to service your HOA, townhome complex or commercial property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the winter.  Trucks with plows mounted and specialized machinery such as skid loaders equipped with large snow buckets relocate the snow on the access roads, driveways and parking areas to the designated piling locations, while our sidewalk experts clear the walkways with snow blowers and shovels. 

Pre-Treating, De-Icing and Salt Applications

Safety is our #1 priority. When utilizing our arsenal of equipment to apply salt or de-icing agent to keep your lot ice-free, you are keeping employees, residents and customers safe and preventing potentially costly accidents. Our fleet is always ready to prevent ice with pre-treating before the storm hits, as well as after snow plowing to eliminate ice and bring your lot down to pavement. 

Snow Pile Stacking, Relocation and Off Site Hauling

Are your parking spaces starting disappear over the course of the winter? Are the drifts too high to manage with a snow plow? Best Outdoor Services is equipped for even the heaviest snow falls and we have the ability to relocate and stack snow on your property with our equipment to open up the space lost throughout the winter. 

Along with moving and stacking snow, we also offer snow hauling off site.  Our commercial snow hauling gives you the opportunity to retrieve 100% of your parking spots, keeping customers and employees happy and safe.

Why Choose Us For Your Commercial Snow and Ice Removal?

Peace of Mind

Why trust time-critical snow removal operations to less experienced, understaffed, or poorly equipped companies who are stretched too thin? 

There is a better choice. Best Outdoor Services has earned our professional credentials from decades of proven performance against the rigorous standards required by HOA and townhome communities, demanding property managers, and astute business owners.

Always Responsive

Our team monitors ever-changing winter weather forecasts. Before every storm, we develop an action plan based on anticipated conditions. Our communication network enables us to mobilize quickly at any hour of the day or night, dispatching our crews and equipment wherever they are needed.

Always Prepared

We take snow removal seriously. We plan for snow operations throughout the year. Our fleet of plow trucks, snowblowers, and heavy equipment is serviced months in advance to be fully prepared before winter arrives. We also stockpile an inventory of de-icing materials in case shortages occur. 

Always Conscientious 

As a forward-thinking outdoor service company, we also understand the adverse impact of improper plowing, snow removal, and use of ice control materials. Rest assured – we respect your property and are vigilant about protecting your investment to avoid unnecessary expenses and frustration when spring arrives. 

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