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Create a durable gathering space or pathway that will stand up against the elements for decades to come with help from Best Outdoor Services, a top-rated concrete contractor in Andover, MN, serving clients throughout the north metro.

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Upgrade the look of your home or business with new decorative concrete as the base of an attractive outdoor living space. Concrete is an extremely versatile material that can provide a structurally sound foundation to many aspects of your home or buildings and its surrounding outdoor space. Concrete can also provide an unmatched design flare when using custom methods such as stamping or colorizing. These techniques will add uniqueness without sacrificing the durability of your patio or sidewalk.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your backyard with a new concrete patio, or need to remove an aging sidewalk and replace with a new slab, we can take your dreams and turn them into reality. Our team of concrete professionals come to your property equipped to get your project built quickly but without sacrificing quality.

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Concrete Installation Experts

Our crews use a tried-and-tested process to complete concrete projects. Beginning with efficiently removing any existing concrete, lawn area or landscaping with proper equipment. Depending on the exact scope of work, this will usually involve a skid loader or mini-excavator. Next, we begin with site-prep by installing base material and compacting it at proper intervals. Then we set up forms and begin pouring the concrete and while setting a proper slope on the surface so water runs away from structures as your new concrete begins the curing process. Once installation is complete, we’ll provide information on the curing time and how soon you’ll be able to use your new concrete patio or walkway.

Professionally installed concrete is a cost-effective method to enhance the appearance of your home or business. Get in touch with us today by filling out our request form to start your next concrete patio or walkway installation

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