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If your yard has had its best days behind it – get in touch with the lawn renovation professionals at Best Outdoor Services to refresh your outdoor space with grading, sod and hydroseeding.

Yard Renovation Contractor

Excellent yard drainage is equally as important as the luxurious outdoor space you spend your nights and weekends in. Whether you just built a new home and are in need of black dirt or topsoil for the final grading before installing irrigation and new sod. Or you are experiencing troublesome flooding during heavy rains or snowmelt, or water seeping into your basement, your lawn may not only be in need of a drainage correction, but also correcting the slope of your lawn with grading. Put 25+ years of experience on your side with our lawn renovation services.

Grading, Renovating, Leveling & Slope Corrections

Mowing a bumpy lawn or trying to walk through any turf area that is uneven is not on the top of the list for Minnesotans’ favorite outdoor activities. Re-grading an existing lawn might be necessary to smooth out very uneven lawns to finally get the flat backyard most property owners want. During the process of grading, any existing turf will be scraped up (unless requested otherwise) and topsoil or black dirt will be graded to prep the new surface followed by installing sod or hydroseed to create a brand new lawn area.

Sod Installation

Sod provides the best solution to quickly having the greenest and thickest lawn on the block. We specialize in sod installation for both new construction and existing landscapes. Our lawn renovation team can help you to decide which sod type is best for your needs or preferences. Your lawn often takes up the most visual space within a landscape, so we ensure the sod project is done right with proper site prep and installation practices. Contact us today to learn more about our process. 


Hydroseeding is an ultra-efficient way to simultaneously plant and nourish a large area of turf. We use a specialized pump to disperse a liquefied mixture of carefully selected grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, and water. Our hydroseeding services establish quicker than traditional seeding. Since hydroseed allows the soil to hold moisture better, yielding to the seeds to sprout and grow faster. Being as hydro-seeded turf grows from the existing soil on your property, it is more tolerant to stresses as compared to sod grown at a farm on their soil.

To learn more about our pricing for lawn grading, yard renovations, sod installation and hydroseeding, call us or request a quote.

Project Gallery

Our talented design and installation teams have transformed hundreds of front and back yards with one mission in mind – to create the landscape of your dreams and ensure you are thrilled with the final product! If you are looking for inspiration for your landscaping project, we welcome you to peruse our portfolio of past projects.

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