Tree and Shrub Maintenance - Pruning and Trimming

Keep your trees, shrubs and hedges looking their best throughout the growing season with regular pruning and trimming. Our tree/shrub maintenance professionals are well-versed in the proper trimming and pruning techniques to ensure your trees and shrubs are shaped in a manner that maintains the desired size, appearance (formal design or a natural look), maximizes flowering potential and stimulates the ability for the shrub/tree to naturally regenerate. 

There are other benefits to pruning/trimming your shrubs and trees:

  • Reducing the spread of disease by pruning the infected limbs
  • Decreasing the size of overgrown shrubs and trees
  • Promoting new growth
  • Opening up the space at ground level (low hanging tree branches that get in the way while mowing!) 
trimming a shrub in minnesota

Best Outdoor Services offers tree and shrub trimming/pruning services throughout the year. Please be aware that certain tree and shrub varieties can only be trimmed at specific times during the season. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our helpful and knowledgable team! 

We also offer planting services! Learn more about our tree and shrub planting services.

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