Sprinkler System Start Ups & Blowouts

Hire the irrigation experts at Best Outdoor Services to start up your system in the spring and to winterize in the fall.

Irrigation System Winterization

During every Minnesota winter, the frost level extends below the depth of your sprinkler system’s installed irrigation pipes, heads and valves. It is absolutely crucial to remove the water from your system before winter arrives. Not doing so will cause the pipes to freeze, expand, and then crack, possibly rupturing in the process.

The result of not properly winterizing your irrigation system is a huge bill in the springtime to repair your system and replace the damaged parts. Allow us to help with our industry-leading lawn irrigation system winterization process.

We use a “blow out” method when winterizing your irrigation system. This can be complicated process, as too much pressure in the lines can damage parts of your sprinkler system, so we utilize an industrial-grade air compressor that applies an appropriate amount of air pressure to efficiently and effectively remove the water from your underground sprinkler pipes, valves and heads in a timely manner. It’s never too early to reserve your sprinkler blowout, request a quote or call us today at (612) 712-0160 as our schedule fills up quickly!

Sprinkler System Start Up

In addition to winterizing your irrigation system, we also start it up for the growing season. During an irrigation start up service we perform a comprehensive check of the entire system to ensure that it is not damaged and that it will be operating in tip-top shape throughout spring, summer and fall. 

During a Minnesota irrigation start up, our knowledgeable irrigation technicians will:

If there are any damaged parts or leaks are detected, our technician will inform you of the issues that need to be resolved and we can provide a quote for the irrigation repairs or service work required to get your system functional again.


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